ACP Literature Review

Sorry it’s been a while! In the last couple of years, alongside the disruption and juggling we have all been doing due to Covid-19, I have been steadily working away on my PhD. After a change of supervisors last year I have finished a systematic literature review and have now been working on gaining approval and undertaking my research (more on that in another post!).

I managed to get my systematic literature review accepted for publication, however due to Covid-19 it has never (yet) made it into print. Systematic literature reviews are a snapshot in time and so it is understandable that when there has been a gap in data collection and publication it may not seem as relevant. However they are powerful tools to make sure we don’t repeat ourselves and they can facilitate focus on the areas that have gaps that need addressing. This is certainly why I undertook the review in the way that I did, and it has been really useful in shaping my topic for my research.

I therefore thought it would be helpful to do a series of posts about the findings from my review. I hope this helps others to find a focus for their research in ACP, and please do get in touch if you want to know more detail about the research process, methodology, methods, etc that I used in my review. So watch this space…key themes from a review of existing ACP research regarding the benefits of the role from key stakeholders coming up!

Published by vjscottcpd

Vikki-Jo was Head and then Dean of School for Health & Social Care (formerly Health & Human Sciences) since 2013 until 2019. She is a registered Nurse with a background in Critical Care Nursing. Since working in academia she has focused on Continuing Professional Development for Health and Social Care professionals. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with a Masters in Learning and Teaching. In 2020 she commenced her PhD focussing on Advanced Clinical practice education. At this time she also returned to working in Critical Care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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